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Brandon Johnson

Welcome to Barren Battles Network

The best place for Men and Couples that are fighting Infertility to Cry, Talk, Fight and then Heal!

About Me

After experiencing depression from my Infertility diagnosis I could not find a fellow therapist associated with infertility. I knew I needed to make a change. I understand how lonely the infertility journey is. I have made it my life's mission to help those who need mental health support as they navigate their emotions during their fertility journey. This is the best place to find support, without the worry of judgement. 

Why You Should Join

Infertility focused Therapy can be difficult to find and expensive to maintain. Join Barren Battles to get the perks of both group and individual therapy at your convenience and a low price! 

Barren Battles is a 8 week Therapeutic Coaching program that walks couples through the emotional ups and downs of their Infertility Journey. We begin by getting couples on one accord and then bring them through each stage of the Grief and Loss process. Couples are finally equipped with a plan to chose their best route to family planning.

Is This Place Right for you?

You or your partner were recently diagnosed with Infertility.

You want to have children and your partner does not.

Your partner wants to do IVF/IUI but you do not.

You and Your Partner are not speaking.

You want to adopt and they disagree.

Your partner does not want to use a donor.

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